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Are you tired of complex invoicing processes?
Look no further!

We have made this Free Invoice Builder with you in mind. It works well with both goods and services.

We offer an array of features to simplify your invoicing and receipting experience, thus saving your time and money.

Create professional invoices and receipts for free with our Kenyan Invoice Builder! With free invoice templates and receipt design templates, your work couldn't be easier!

Simplify your invoicing with our easy-to-use, Feature-Packed, Free-of-Charge Invoice Builder online tool.

Input your invoice number at the homepage to go straight to your invoice and email or print without having to log in.

No software downloads, no hidden fees, just beautiful and professional invoices in minutes.

Simply build your invoice and download or print in excellent quality.

No credit card required, no payment terms, simply free!


Our Cool Easy-To-Use Free Features:


Diverse Templates

  • Choose from a variety of professionally designed invoice and receipt templates
  • Find the perfect style that suits your business and create your invoice free of charge.
  • Choose theme colors for the invoice that you will select so that your invoices will always have the same look.

Logo Upload

  • Personalize your invoices by adding your company logo or business logo as you make your invoice online.
  • Make a lasting impression on your clients with your invoice template free download with your logo on it.
  • Match your logo colors with your invoice theme colors using our online invoice builder.

Invoice/Receipt Support

  • Create as receipt or change your invoice to receipt with one setting
  • Have your documents visually similar to maintain your personal/company image

Unlimited Customization

  • Change details as often as you need ensuring accuracy and professionalism with our receipt and invoice online generator.
  • Edit, tweak, and refine your invoices effortlessly with our editable invoice templates, and payment receipt templates.

Unlimited invoices

  • Create as many receipts and invoices as your business demands with our online receipt generator
  • No restrictions—grow your business without limits!
  • No hidden charges when using our printable invoice templates.

Color your theme

  • Customize your invoice theme colors to match your brand identity on both your invoice and cash receipt template
  • Impress clients with a cohesive and professional look.

Color Theme Testing

  • Test and preview various color themes before printing your invoice template.
  • Experiment with different color combinations as you create your invoice online before downloading/printing.

High Quality Downloads

  • Save your invoices or cash receipt template as high-quality PDFs for easy sharing and printing.
  • Present polished documents to your clients. Use our free invoice generator to invoice your clients.

Print Options

  • Print your finished invoice template directly from your browser to PDF or a physical printer.
  • Generate hard copies effortlessly by printing out on paper.

Multi-page invoices

  • Create detailed, multi-page invoices if you have many items
  • Accommodate all necessary information seamlessly with a multi-page setting as you make your invoice online.
  • Print multi-page invoices effortlessly.

Item Flexibility

  • Add an unlimited number of line items into your invoice generator.
  • Specify products, services, or any other details of your cash receipt/invoice

Add Extra Details

  • Add terms and conditions to your editable and printable invoice template
  • Add personal notes for your clients on the invoice or receipt

Optional Tax & Discounts

  • Optionally include tax, inclusive or exclusive to your invoice or receipt
  • Optionally indicate discounts in your invoice
  • Optionally add personal notes for your client that will be shown on your generated receipts.

User Account Creation

  • With a free account, you can add customer information and other necessary information.
  • You can sign in easily and save your work securely.

Access From Anywhere

  • You can thereafter access your invoices from anywhere, anytime.
  • Save your progress and pick up right where you left off.

You don't need to download any software, start instantly!

Empower your business with a streamlined invoicing process that's not only efficient but also free of charge. Join thousands of Nairobi businesses already benefiting from our intuitive Free Invoice Builder.

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